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Dolce Vita in Italy

Dolce Vita in Italy

An Italian getaway… There is a perfect reason to treat yourself to this easily reachable pleasure. In this travel log, we offer our favourite places to go shopping, get fit and, of course, enjoy Italian hospitality and cuisine


RomeFor the Dolce Vita

A city stop for historians and food lovers

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MilanFor the trend

The capital of fashion and design

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Over and above their personalities: one, the capital of fashion and design, the other, an obligatory stopover for historians and food lovers. Besides their must-see sites: the Trevi Fountain, the Forum and the Vatican Museum in Rome; the Dome, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall and La Scala in Milan - these two kaleidoscopic and diametrically-opposed cities prove to be brilliant opponents, hard to choose between



10 good reasons to…

Discover the Amalfi Coast

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Among vines and olive trees

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