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Ristorante L'Arcade
Porto San Giorgio, Marches

« Discover cuisine that blends surf and turf in very unusual combinations that guarantee a truly unique experience»

Nikita Sergeev

Description of the establishment

Brave or reckless. Persevering or stubborn. Passionate or obsessive. Depending on the perspective and the case, we may find many words which could describe Nikita Sergeev, Chef and Patron of L’Arcade Restaurant since 2013
Arcade is a charming little “nest” restaurant, not far from Porto San Giorgio historical centre, it takes its name after the porch where restaurant’s main entrance is located. Chef Sergeev decided for a limited number of covers: 22 for just five elegant and classic round tables with an unusual and minimalistic style “mise en place”: bleak tables and trendy artistic catering.
Sergeev is, someway, a follower of contemporary Italian Cuisine, paying attention to definite techniques and traditions, but the most tangible personal “markers” are elegance and extreme simplicity. He both focuses on taste research and aesthetics with maniacal attention to details. His creations list few “starring” and strategic ingredients. Menu is though worked out with different inspiration dishes, sometime operating a seductive “repechage” of chef’s Russian origins, resulting into a sort of multiple styles which reveal to be quite pleasant to Arcade’s guests.

Nikita Sergeev
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+39 0734 675961
Bonne Table
Sincere cuisine stemming from the best products in the terroir. Basic and hearty, this cuisine has deep roots in its region.
Nikita Sergeev
Price of the menu 40.00 - 100.00 €
Via Giordano Bruno, 76

Porto San Giorgio ( 63822 )

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Via Giordano Bruno, 76
Porto San Giorgio 63822 it