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Il Buco
Sorrento (NA), Campanie

« Enjoy a warm welcome and indulge in an intense taste experience of the typical flavours of the Mediterranean»

Giuseppe Aversa

Description of the establishment

After many years of different experiences, in different restaurants and roles, in 1997 Giuseppe Aversa started the idea of creating a unique restaurant in an ancient cellar of a monastery, in the centre of Sorrento.
He reworked a typical Mediterranean kitchen and menu to upgrade it to a fine cuisine, keeping the traditional recipes.
After 6 years of activity and development under the consultancy of a famous local Chef, Enrico Cosentino, he was able to obtain the MICHELIN star.
Il Buco Sorrento has become the focus point for these exigent customers who search for high quality food experience, without sacrificing tradition and tasty flavors of the Southern Italy’s products.
"The products of the land and sea are gifts, the sun and the air of the Mediterranean make them special and unrepeatable, the respect and love of those who produce them makes them excellent, the skill and creativity of those who transform them transforms them in intense taste experiences. All the best of nature on a plate, the passion of a lifetime in every bite "

Giuseppe Aversa
Spoken languages
Italian, English, French
Book your table by phone
+39 0818782354
Grande Table
Must-see venues. The cuisine is lively, appropriate and sensitive, the work of Chefs whose reputation is well-established.
Giuseppe Aversa
Price of the menu 100.00 - 150.00 €
Rampa Marina Piccola, 5
Piazza S. Antonino

Sorrento (NA) ( 80067 )
Naples-Capodichino (40. miles)

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Rampa Marina Piccola, 5
Piazza S. Antonino
Sorrento (NA) 80067 it