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Hâ Restaurant
BORDEAUX, Aquitaine

« Sample fine cuisine, steeped in the know-how of producers, winegrowers and artisans, in the heart of Bordeaux»

Grégoire Rousseau

Description of the establishment

We are inspired by men as well as by flavours. International, electric, inspired by my encounters, my cuisine is resolutely autobiographical. It gives pride of place to fresh products chosen according to their quality and seasonality, grown in a way that is as sustainable as possible in local production. I imagined Hâ as a place where the know-how of producers, winegrowers and craftsmen gather around my kitchen. Each of them works in their respective fields, with commitment and passion

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Grégoire Rousseau
Spoken languages
Spanish, English
Book your table by phone
+33 (0)5 57 83 77 10
Bonne Table
Sincere cuisine stemming from the best products in the terroir. Basic and hearty, this cuisine has deep roots in its region.
Grégoire Rousseau
Price of the menu 25.00 - 75.00 €
50 Rue du Hâ

BORDEAUX ( 33000 )
Tramway: stop at "Hôtel de Ville" or "Musée d'Aquitaine"
Bordeaux - Mérignac (10. miles)

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50 Rue du Hâ
BORDEAUX 33000 fr