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The 2018 Collection presents 585 unique experiences to live

585 addresses selected in 2018

enabling each Collectionneur to create his collection

To discover the selected addresses, les Collectionneurs offer their bilingual French-English guide, with an inimitable orange cover. The 2018 guide follows travelers in all their getaways.

Throughout the pages, the guide shows a unique experience to live in each selected establishments. Everyone can create their personal collection.

Our european destinations

True to its continental development, les Collectionneurs have selected a new address in Greece as well as new establishments in Germany or in the heart of Switzerland. In Italy, les Collectionneurs continue to discover new properties and personalities with 30 new addresses including 10 restaurants. In France, travellers will have an opportunity to add 6 new hotel-restaurants to their collection.
Travellers on the look-out for fine dining addresses won’t be disappointed by the 15 new restaurants and bistro-brasseries selected by les Collectionneurs in France.

Loading of available establishments in progress