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The global benchmark for charming hotels and gourmet restaurants in Europe

Buoyed by its mission “To discover, guide and help discover”, the brand presided over by Alain Ducasse has set itself the goal of becoming the benchmark for global travellers, charming hotels and gourmet restaurants in Europe. In 2017 les Collectionneurs drew together 585 charming hotels and independent restaurants in 17 countries that generate sales revenues totalling more than €800 million.

Thanks to its strong presence in the regions and more than 1,164 rooms and suites in Paris, les Collectionneurs are the only brand in France to offer such a broad and in-depth range. This year, the Collection has been enriched by four new European destinations: Germany, Austria, Greece and Portugal. Thanks to its alliance with Romantik Hotels & Restaurants, les Collectionneurs now offers 102 addresses in Germany and 20 in Austria. To allow Collectors to discover each of our destinations in the most beautiful way, we have selected 258 Tables de la Collection.

A strong brand

…to defend the independence of each and every member

To achieve this goal, les Collectionneurs focuse on a strong brand crafted by and for the entrepreneurs it represents. les Collectionneurs members are involved in corporate activities and play a proactive role in project committees. The brand is forged together with the people who make it up, its members – the independent hoteliers and restaurateurs. The strength of the brand has one sole objective: to enable its members to maintain their independence and ensure the sustainability of their structures.

Beyond the protection afforded by the strength of the brand, Les Collectionneurs provide daily support for its members in their sales activities, helps them to diversify their client base and avoid any dependency on the “pure player” websites that merely allocate room nights.

An exhaustive and unique range of tools and services available to its members

An international Guide

To learn about their Collection. the brand offers a French - English bilingual guide, with an incomparable orange cover. For each hotel, a classification of 3 to 5 les Collectionneurs symbols allow you to evaluate, at a glance, the level of offers and services provided. For restaurants, the Tables de La Collection are classed from 1 to 3 symbols.

les Collectionneurs

Since 2012, les Collectionneurs offer amateurs in the art of living a quarterly magazine: les Collectionneurs. These editions can be found free in all establishments of La Collection and can be ordered from chateauxhotels.com

A website

On the website chateauhotels.com offers travellers all the practical information which enables them to make their reservation online. It also allows them to access our exclusive offers, gift sets and vouchers.

A distribution platform...

...which offers access to all the distribution channels: OTA/Bookings/GDS with EU code/chateauxhotels.com website/B to B Leisure Partners/B to B Corporate Partners/Travel Agencies/Central Reservation.

An annual plan of sales activities....

...which allows you to participate in calendar offers and to be present or represented at the travel shows (tourism, corporate, seminars) in France and abroad.

A Sales Department with 15 experts:

  • • Corporate / gd accounts (5,000 companies, administrations, institutions …) France and Europe
  • • Leisure / tour operators - international
  • • Direct GDS connectivity to Pegasus chain code: EU
  • • Seminars / MICE
  • • Gift boxes/team rewards
  • • Every year the Sales Department undertakes more than 20 international trips, workshops and participations in the main travel shows.

A network team...

...to provide daily backup and assistance at close range: each member benefits from the services and assistance of a sector manager, together with the coordination team.
The network managers visit the members regularly and also organise regional and local meetings.

A Quality Control Department

Very highly involved in a dedicated and voluntary quality approach since its inception, les Collectionneurs have put in place quality standards, which are tried and tested for each category of property. This checklist of good practices is both a self-evaluation tool for our hoteliers/restaurants and a guarantee of service and comfort for all of our clients within the network:

• To guarantee quality, mystery shoppers are organised in the three months following the entrance of an establishment into les Collectionneurs.
• As for the daily monitoring of the establishments, it is done through the analysis of the e-reputation provided by all of the sites publishing opinions.

A recruitment and training service

JobHospitality (www.jobhospitality.com) is the recruitment platform for les Collectionneurs. Effective as of April 2016, we have published over 1,800 advertisements and we have had millions of applications. We write out and publish the offers, we spread them across a selection of partner sites and we make a preselection of applicants.
les Collectionneurs offer and also organise several training schemes taken by the Fafi and others OPCA. For and over days of 1 to 2 days maximum.

La Centrale de Référencement Fournisseurs : CADHI (The Department for Supplier Referencing)

The second French department of referencing on hotellery and independant restaurants, the Centrale CADHI works across a selection of suppliers and in collaboration with over 1500 establishments, which allows them to obtain favourable pricing conditions for their members. The list of partners and conditions are accessible for each member through the extranet of the CADHI.

You would like to contact us:

les Collectionneurs
Bord de Seine 1, 3 esplanade du Foncet
+33 (0)1 78 94 78 33


les Collectionneurs accompagnent plus de 250 restaurants partout en France; des bistrots canailles aux tables les plus prestigieuses. Rejoignez un réseau de chef pour des chefs.
La gastronomie est la plus belle des qualités. Chez les Collectionneurs, nous la cultivons avec délectation, normal pour une marque présidée par Alain Ducasse, l'un des chefs les plus marquants de son époque.

  • • Intégrez un réseau dynamique qui se construit pour et avec ses adhérents
  • • Profitez d'un soutien commercial & d'une expertise pour vous accompagner dans les évolutions du métier
  • • Gagnez en visibilité complémentaire grâce à nos nombreuses éditions & support presse/communication
  • • Valorisez votre maison dans un réseau sélectif de référence
  • • Gagnez en efficacité achat grâce a une centrale de référencement & d'achats performante

You would like to contact us:

les Collectionneurs
Bord de Seine 1, 3 esplanade du Foncet
+33 (0)1 78 94 78 33