Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Waldidyll
Hartenstein, Monts Métallifères

Family Hertha M. Sellmair & Andrea E. Kahl

« The multi-award-winning restaurant uses fresh, healthy, regional produce in its fine culinary specialities and hearty dishes from the local mountain area. »

Description of the establishment

On the way to Dresden or Leipzig, you will almost automatically stop by the quiet Erzgebirge village of Hartenstein. There you will find the 4-star Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Waldidyll. A romantically secluded spot in a beautiful wooded park by a nature conservancy area.

The stalwart, castle-like greenstone building welcomes you with rooms in elegant country-house and New England style and award-winning cuisine. Plus: 65 km of hiking and bicycle paths, a wellness and sauna building at the edge of the forest, and castle ruins.
Nearby: mines, museums, historic cities, castles,
Erzgebirge handicrafts and Christmas markets.

Type of establishment
Hotel Restaurant
Animals Tranquillity Family Car Park Seminars
Lift, WiFi
Fitness Centre, Sauna
Family Hertha M. Sellmair & Andrea E. Kahl
Spoken languages
English, German
Book your table by phone
+49 (37605) 840
Hotel Restaurant
Location Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Waldidyll
Talstraße 1

Hartenstein ( 08118 )
Leipzig (100 miles)
Train station
Zwickau (20 miles)
Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Waldidyll +49 (37605) 840
50.64487 12.67045 12.67045
Talstraße 1
Hartenstein 08118 de