Romantik Hotel Das Schiff
Hittisau, Vorarlberg

Family Metzler

« This hotel offers top quality with style and discreet elegance – from the atmosphere, to the rooms and suites, to the service and excellent cuisine. »

Description of the establishment

The 4-star Romantik Hotel Das Schiff and the Metzler family have made many changes since 1840 in order to show right down to the very last detail just what the hotel in Hittisau should be for its guests: a sophisticated little oasis of recuperation and relaxation, together with superlative pleasures for all the senses. Achieved with style and unobtrusive elegance - from the atmosphere and service to the cuisine, the hotel offers the very finest quality. The romantic setting of the Bregenz Forest adds even more charm.

A real secret treasure.

Type of establishment
Hotel Restaurant
Animals Family Car Park Pool
French, Lift
Outdoor Pool, Indoor Pool, Sauna
Family Metzler
Spoken languages
French, German, English
Book your table by phone
+43 (5513) 62200
Hotel Restaurant
Location Romantik Hotel Das Schiff
Heideggen 311

Hittisau ( 6952 )
Friedrichshafen (64 miles)
Train station
Bregenz (30 miles)
Romantik Hotel Das Schiff +43 (5513) 62200
47.4564676 9.9641898 9.9641898
Heideggen 311
Hittisau 6952 at