Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg
Eisenach, Thüringer Wald

Jens V. Dünnbier

« Individually furnished rooms, excellent cuisine, the historic heraldic hall for conferences and functions, and the fantastic views enchant guests from all over the world. »

Description of the establishment

The Wartburg towers majestically over the town of Eisenach. This place is still as "high and merry" as Goethe once described it. Turning this distinctive landscape and this unique architectural ensemble into a composition to be appreciated with all the senses might be called the speciality of our hotel. The Wartburg has retained its friendly hospitality, since the times of the first pilgrims that knocked on its doors. Welcome, service and a good night’s lodging have always been - and still are - a well-kept tradition at the Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg. Now, after hundred years as the „Gasthof für fröhliche Leut“ (guesthouse for merry people) the Hotel auf der Wartburg presents itself once again as a place of comfort, of calm and merriment.
A young and dedicated team under the leadership of our Director Jens V. Dünnbier and Chef de Cuisine Peter Herrmann provides a sophisticated atmosphere of comfort and exclusivity in which our guests can relax and feel at ease.
37 individual rooms, designed with imagination will enchant and “capture“ you and make you want to stay. This atmosphere, formed over centuries, has been invaded by contemporary comforts – not ostensibly but perfect, as is to be expected of the castles’ current moving spirits. Our rooms, equipped with Flat-TV, radio, telephone, safe, mini bar and wireless internet access, offer all the comfort today’s traveller might ever need.

Type of establishment
Hotel Restaurant
Animals Tranquillity Car Park Seminars
Jens V. Dünnbier
Spoken languages
German, English
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Hotel Restaurant
Location Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg
Auf der Wartburg 2

Eisenach ( 99817 )
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Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg +49 (3691) 7970
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Auf der Wartburg 2
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